In today’s blog post, we’re going to discuss how much junk removal services cost. You’ll see, in this article, that prices can range from “free” to a hefty amount. Let’s start with free and work our way up from there.

With “free” junk removal services, the junk removal company is typically what we call “a guy with a pickup looking for beer money.” Of course that’s just a figure of speech but it’s usually someone with very little overhead (truck is paid off, no trailer, no insurance, etc.). They’ll pick up items to either resell or scrap. What they can’t sell is typically dumped in a field, illegally.

stop illegal dumping
Couches illegally dumped in Tomball, TX

Speaking of scrap (scrapping, scrapper): there seems to be a misconception that taking metal to the scrap yard yields a lot of money. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Depending on the weight, a $15-$25 payout is common. See why we call it “beer money” now?

Aside from the guy that takes things for free, you have junk removal companies with trucks and trailers. These companies are more conscientious and offer fair pricing for junk removal. Their prices are usually based on volume, prices starting around $100 for single-items and up to $600-$700 for a full trailer. It’s also common for a company to charge anywhere from $30-$40 per cubic yard.

What goes into their junk removal pricing? Typically the cost of their truck, the cost of their trailer, the storage fee to park their trailer (trailer theft is a big problem), insurance, and dump fees. Even if their truck and trailer are paid for and they park everything on their own property, there’s still the dump fees. Most landfills charge by the weight and start about $60 per ton. As you can see, a 16′ trailer full of junk can easily weigh over 2000 lbs. Then there’s gas costs just to get to/from the dump (it’s not cheap to tow 1.5 tons of junk). We can easily be looking at over $100 in dump and gas expenses!

truck and trailer
Tomball Junk Monkeys Truck and 16′, 15 cubic yard trailer

In the final scenario for junk removal pricing, we have the big companies like 800-GOT-JUNK, College Hunks Hauling Junk and Junk King (among others). Those are very expensive franchises, heavily advertised and should go without saying the costs of owning one of those franchises is passed down to the customer. Those companies have very good training, including how to close a deal.

Of course this is just a brief overview of junk removal costs. We also have to take into consideration where junk to be hauled away is located. Is it at the curb, ready for pickup -or- if is it 100 ft off the street in a back barn where we can’t access it with our trailer. A garage full of boxes could be quoted at $200 until the junk removal company finds out each box weights 80-100 lbs each. A couch and loveseat in a garage can easily be loaded in the trailer but if it’s upstairs in the customer’s home, there’s the extra care needed to protect the walls and surroundings from being damaged.

As you can see, pricing junk removal isn’t so much a cookie cutter formula. There’s a lot to consider and choosing a reputable junk removal company like Tomball Junk Monkeys will ensure your junk is removed professionally and promptly and isn’t dumped in an empty field on some side street.