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Junk Removal Prices

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How Much Will it Cost?

That's a common, and great, question! We make our pricing simple and it's based on the amount of space we use on our 16' trailer. Please keep in mind, pricing is subject to change based on debris location.

Do you Take Everything?

Sorry, we cannot take oil, paint, chemicals, or hazardous materials.

1/4 load trailer junk removal price


1/4 Trailer Load – about 3.75 cubic yards

1/2 load junk removal price


1/2 Trailer Load – about 7.5 cubic yards

3/4 load junk removal price


3/4 Trailer Load – about 11.25 cubic yards

full load trailer junk removal price


Full Trailer Load – about 15 cubic yards


Single item removal

Clutter indeed?

We’ll take it, GUARANTEED!